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As a figure skating coach and choreographer, Ashleigh spent two decades building trust and fostering teamwork, growing her synchronized skating organization to one of the biggest in the world. Now she offers support and encouragement to millions of couples every week.

Through her newsletter, her videos, and her book, she shows up daily with fresh, no-fuss advice on everything from keeping monogamy hot, to renegotiating a marriage, to getting kids to clean the house (because nothing makes her prouder than child labor).

With savvy and plenty of humor, her down-to-earth voice tackles topics that are relatable to anyone struggling with the awkwardness of living in a meat suit at Earth School. She resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, and the pets who make appearances on her Instagram stories.

As the co-host of The Writers’ Bridge bi-weekly platform Q&A, and The Express Lane platform-building newsletter, with Allison K Williams, she brings her encouragement and inspiration to anyone looking to build a bridge to their audience, without selling their soul to social media.

Her own story of rehabbing a shabby marriage, SWING – A Memoir of Doing it All has been called “the sexiest, funniest, most deeply felt memoir you will read this year,” “a whole new genre, the hot self-help book,” and has helped 1000’s of couples reimagine what is possible in their relationships. Watch for Keeping it Hot: The Workbook, coming May 24, 2022.

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