Do you wish you could stop your negative self-talk and really build your confidence? Do you wish you had a roadmap for developing healthy habits and reaching your goals? Do you wish your teammates, parents, and coaches were positive and supportive? Do you wish you could eliminate the drama and stress and reach your potential?

Check out these links for support and ideas on how to reduce conflict and foster relationships that give you every possible opportunity to succeed.

How to Build Confidence

How to Define Your Priorities

Is all the Work Worth It?

On Comparison and Jealousy

When Parents Complain to Your Coach

The Real Value of Competitive Sport

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Self-Care for Women

Self-Care for the Kiddos

How Young Women Can Change the World

How Young Women Can Promote Gender Equality

Don’t Take Feedback Personally – Here’s How

Minimizing Resentment

You Are a Badass Book Recommendation

Playing Big Book Recommendation

Love Warrior Book Recommendation

Outrageous Openness Book Recommendation

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