Ashleigh Renard quotes Could I ignore my self care? Yes. If I did would I be living in a van down by the river? Also, yes.

Look, being in a meat suit here at Earth School is awkward. If you don’t find that to be true, I am so happy for you. And I also think you are lying. Truthfully, we can survive with very little attention to our physical and emotional wellbeing. But, survival is a low bar to set. And if mere survival is my goal, I don’t have much to offer the other humans who I have pledged to hang around during this incarnation. So, here are a few of the 100 things I do each day in order to feel sane and healthy.
1. Oil massage – do I skip this the most often? Yes? Do I feel so much better when I do it? YES. Warm sesame oil, massaged head to toe, then rinsed off (no soap) in a hot shower. I even shave my legs with the oil still on my skin and it feels amazing. If you do your scalp, put shampoo on your hair before you wet it, so it can break through the oil and actually clean your hair.
2. Meditation- 20 minutes, every morning. I’ve done a dozen different methods over the past 12 years. My current fave? A technique from @mrs.stephaniedodd. Go to her page for details.
3. Daily Energy Routine from Donna Eden – the most effective thing I do for anxiety, HANDS DOWN. Check it out on YouTube, learn the exercises, do them every day. For me, I feel best if I do them before I even leave my room in the morning. Takes four minutes. I ALWAYS want to skip it, because I wake up in a rush, but when I take those four minutes my whole morning is easier.
4. Go to bed early, between 9 and 10 pm. Lights out, no phone. Sleep, baby.
And this is how I navigate that awkward moment between birth and death.

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