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Posted on September 3, 2020 by Ashleigh

Blond woman and dark haired man laughing at a wedding reception

Can I tell you a secret?

We were not happy in this photo.

Well, we were laughing. The laughing is not fake, but we were not happy. Almost every minute of that day before and after this photo I was wracked with anxiety, trying to decide if I was going to leave my marriage or if I was going to stay.

It wasn’t just a bad day. It was years. I was nearly a decade.

My loves, marriage is hard, for everyone.

There are some who appear that they stumbled upon some just-add-saliva-instant-and-lasting-love-mix. I assure you, those who act like they marriage is perfect are lying.

Okay, maybe there is one couple on planet earth who has a perfect marriage. That’s great. I send a thumbs up and a fart in their general direction.

But, for the other several billion of us, there is nothing wrong with you if it sometimes feels hard, and sad, and nearly impossible.

I’m so grateful so many of us have stopped faking it, have realized there is no shame in having doubts, having fears, in going through period where you cannot stand the person who is supposed to be your one and only.

In my DM’s and texts right now there are six different conversations where friends are looking for a listening ear so they can determine their feelings and needs in regard to their partners.

May each of you have at least one person you can dump your story on when you need to unload. And if you don’t, know you can always dump your story on me. It would be my honor to hold it for you so you can rest.

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