Cover to Cover

This is my excited face. (Siri, please remind me to get some professional photos taken, a few dozen for each emotion, so I don’t have to take a selfie when I really just want to write a post and when my hair is a mess and almost every photo I took showed that I am overdue on waxing my armpits.)

As I was saying, this is my excited face. This morning I wrote the last chapter of my book. Oh, Ashleigh, so you are done? No. Nope. Not even close.

But, guys, I know how it ENDS. This is key, as I have known for a very long time how this story begins. As it was happening in real life, I thought, whoa, this is definitely going in my book, right at the beginning!

And now I just want to tell you the first scene in my book. Seriously, I don’t know if I’m cut out for this “keep everything a secret for the bazillion years it takes to write the book” author life. I may be more of a “tell it all when you feel like telling it all” daily essayist type of writer.

But, anyway, I’m writing a book because I promised myself almost 30 years ago that I would write a book. And I told Manny on our first date that I was going to write a book. And I quit my job to write a book. So, guys, I guess I’m writing a book.

And I want to tell you how this books starts, but I am sure my future publisher will frown upon that. I really shouldn’t tell you.

Okay, well maybe I can tell you that the first scene in the book could have counted as my audition for American Ninja Warrior.

And it involved pee. But, that’s all I can tell you.

So I have work to do on a bunch of the middle stuff, but I am certain about how it starts and how it ends, and what I want on the cover. Oh, my goodness, the cover. Part of my big dream is to find a literary agent and a publisher who let me have complete creative control over the cover. Seriously, the cover image brings me so much joy that if I can just get to the place in my life where I can do the photo shoot for the cover and see a couple proofs I may just pull a Tara Lipinski and retire on the spot. This cover is my Olympic Gold, baby.

So, I’ll keep to the work of writing (and vlogging on my IG stories, because a creative needs a release and that seems way healthier than day drinking) because I want this book in my head to become a book in your hands. The best part about writing, and I’ve told you this many times, is your reaction. Your feedback, your private messages, your laughs. Sharing in the cleverness of creating is what I live for.

In the meantime, if you live close by, please consider delivering snacks. If you are not located within a reasonable radius for snack delivery, please continue to like, comment, and share my posts. If you want to get all of them, sign up on my website because I send them out to my email list, first.  When I do find a publisher they will probably be interested in weird things like my website’s Google Analytics and my reach on social media, which both likely need to be approximately 100x what they are right now. So, dudes, I do the writing and you just tell everyone you know to read my writing okay?

I really want you to see this cover.

Massive love,


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