I want to be explicitly clear why I made my post yesterday.

I truly appreciate the support and the shares and the check-ins from friends. The reason I wrote my story was not to point out that I know one scumbag. My point was that I, a confident and intelligent woman in 2019, was groped on a massage table and immediately told myself that it was safer to think I misinterpreted it and to not make it a big deal. But, it’s not surprising, if you realize we live in a world where FGM takes place everyday, where human trafficking is on the rise, and where nearly 500 children were victimized by Larry Nassar before he was arrested.

It’s easy and convenient to think that these things are not related, but they are. All of these things are based on the same idea, the idea that women (and children) are property of men and are here to be of service to men.

And we strengthen that idea any time we slut-shame, or victim-blame, or commend a woman for putting her needs last, or support the idea that a man in power, be it a priest, a pastor, a father, a doctor, or a politician, has authority over a woman’s body.

And I don’t know an adult human alive, including me, who has not done one of those things.

Because most of us are not affected by the issues I listed above and most of us are content to focus on things that serve our own self-interests.

But, the world does not become a better place, a safer place for all of us until we shut off the auto-pilot and really start to think. And that’s why I shared my story. Because I want us all to think.

Massive love,


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