Favorite Breed

If you watch my stories you know Cosmo rarely leaves my side. And that’s exactly what I was hoping for when two years ago I desperately craved companionship of the non-human variety. (Okay, we actually have a cat. We have had her for years. We love her, but we’re not yet sure how she feels about us.) I needed a dog. I watched old home videos and would tear up seeing our amazing family dog, a lab-mix rescue. When I saw @homeatlastdogrescue was bringing up a litter of lab-mix pups from an overcrowded shelter in Louisiana right before Christmas, it didn’t matter that it was the busiest time of my season. I knew our perfect dog was waiting for us. We picked him up from the transport van. We later found out he’s a lab-boxer-pit-chow chow and Niko tells everyone that’s his favorite breed of dog. It’s mine, too.

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