Figure out who you really are by ignoring what you should be


I was talking with a dear friend today, about the challenges of motherhood and finding our way. The struggle is real. The messages we get from society are so confusing.

We can’t really be all that we are expected to be. There are no perfect moms out there who are really doing it all with ease and grace and love.

Finding ourselves as we navigate motherhood is emotional and spiritual heavy lifting. No one has it figured out.

Surround yourself with people who admit that it’s hard and messy and beautiful and figuring out how to navigate life is a life-long work in progress.

Stop telling yourself that you “should be doing this” and “should be doing that.”

Cherish yourself for what you are able to do right now and ask yourself what else you really want to do, not because you “should,” but because it reflects who you really are.

Massive love,


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