Finding Symmetry

Ashleigh Renard synchronized skating coach philadelphia symmetry

When I started these teams 15 years ago one of the first tasks on my list was to pick a name. One of the suggestions was the “Philadelphia Cheeseskates,” not like cheesesteak that you eat, but cheese skate, like the things on my feet. So, obviously, one of my first actions as a young, new Head Coach was to veto that suggestion.
You’re welcome.
Symmetry was the clear winner. It’s a natural name in a sport which requires us to make pleasing shapes on the ice.

We all know the standard definitions of Symmetry, mirror image, matched parts facing each other around an axis, but my favorite is this:

Symmetry is the similarity or exact correspondence between different things.

With a coach/athlete relationship, some may assume that the athlete is the one that learns the most in any given season. I am here to tell you that I have learned more from than I have ever taught. Over and over I have learned what matters and what doesn’t really matter.

And that is why this definition is my favorite. The exact correspondence between different things, to me, means living on the outside in a way that matches who you are on the inside.

Over my coaching career, I’ve had experiences that I am sure many of you can relate to. Sometimes things flowed with ease and sometimes things were hard.

When things are hard it’s easy to think we are messing everything up or look for someone to blame. But, when things are hard I think it’s a sign that we need to look inside.

And so, here is my wish for each one of you and for these teams as they move into their next chapter.

May we each live a life that matches what is in our hearts. May we each find that Symmetry.

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