Finding Your Inner Voice


Last week it became clear to me that I need to support my athletes in thinking for themselves, identifying their own inner voice and building the courage to listen to it. I want to encourage these girls to spend more time analyzing what they think than wondering what others think of them. It’s so hard. I get it. Aren’t most of us more focused on what other people think of us than what we really think about any given situation?

Finding Your Inner Voice:

Write three things you are SUPER PROUD of.
Write three things you are SUPER GRATEFUL for.
Write three things you REALLY WANT.

The girls worked privately to write their lists. Then we discussed which categories were easy and which were difficult.

Here’s what we found.

Almost every girl had an easy time writing three things for which she is super grateful.

Almost every girl had difficulty identifying the things that are awesome about her and what things she really wishes for in her life.

Is it any surprise that author Glennon Doyle Melton says “When you ask a woman what she does, she will tell you who she loves.”
“I am a wife” “I am a mother” “I am a sister” “I am a friend”

We know who we love. We know who and what we are grateful for.

But how much do we know about ourselves? About our gifts? Our special and amazing talents? About our dreams?

Clearly, not enough. Let’s encourage the girls and women in our lives to see the greatness that is already inside of them.

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Exercise from Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts
Photo from Marie Forleo

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