Giant Flashing Arrows

Ashleigh Renard writer office

Glennon Doyle says that envy is a GIANT FLASHING ARROW pointing us toward our destiny. Yup, I concur. In my book I talk about an experiment where I start doing the thing I most judge other women for doing and how it led to rapid liberation for me. RAPID. And this week I’ve invited together a group of women who are showing the world how to live their truth and their passion.
We have a Reese’s Bookclub pick and NYT Bestselling author, a mother and yoga teacher who’s methods of teaching yoga to young people are used throughout the world and who’s work has been published in in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, The Boston Herald, Parents Magazine, TWIST Magazine, Girl’s Life Magazine, Tiger Beat, ITEM Magazine, The Manifest Station, and Not Salmon, a creator who has grown a community and an impeccably-branded podcast while mothering her toddler, an IG phenom who has taken her passion and built a following of over 100K in 11 months, and an Army vet who’s courageous story of her rape in the military was one the most impactful books I read this year. Please join me this week as these incredible women share with all of us.
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