Ashleigh Renard

“They’ll come for your shine, but they’ll stay for your grit.” – Joshua Michael Metcalf
Three years ago I started writing my story as a screenplay. I was half way through when I set it aside. Manny has consistently encouraged me to finish, because I had done so much work on it and because he thought it was so good. When I signed over my business in the spring and retired from my life on the ice, he asked one thing, “Babe, when you are ready to write, would you please finish the screenplay first?” I thought about it and told him I couldn’t. I couldn’t put this story into the world and pass it off as fiction. I knew there was the potential that it would resonate with people and they would need a face behind the story. They would need to know who actually lived it. And it’s already happening. Every day I get heartfelt messages from people who have just realized they are not alone. And they are surprised that I have gone through things that mirror their own lives. So I’m here to tell you that we’re all a little grittier than we let on. And shiny? Well, shiny is kinda boring.

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