How to Start a Meditation Practice

Ashleigh Renard great room meditation tips

I was asked in my stories how to start meditating. Here’s the thing, loves. You have all meditated before. When focusing during a hard workout or driving in a new area, looking for a street sign. You have all done it.

If you would like to make a practice of it, then it’s like everything else; the only way to start it is to start it. So now, or before bed, put your phone on airplane mode and set a timer for three minutes. For three minutes, focus on your breath, or any sound around you. The fan, the traffic. I like to put in ear plugs and listen to the buzzy sound in my own head. When a thought comes in you will certainly start feeding that thought with more thoughts and as soon as you notice just bring your focus back. And tomorrow morning, repeat.

As soon as you wake up, or after you pick up the babe, or let the dog out, or while the coffee brews, sit for three minutes. Maybe four, maybe five. You can sit in a chair or on your bed or the couch or the floor. Meditation is not fancy. It is the most unfancy thing in the world. And you cannot do it wrong.

One note: every time I restart my practice I feel extra sensitive for a few days. I think it’s a sign that I numb and busy myself to manage feelings of overwhelm. Meditation puts me more in touch with my thoughts and feelings, instead of running on autopilot. Within a few days I feel more resilient, while maintaining my heightened awareness.

Massive love.

If you want a program to follow, my dear friend @stephaniehopedodd has an amazing process that is now my favorite and the practice I follow every day.

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