This has been the biggest fast-track to liberation for me. A few years ago I started an experiment inspired by my friend @mrs.stephaniedodd where I did the thing I most judged other women for doing. Heads-up: this was at the point in my life where I baked all of our bread, canned 40 quarts of tomatoes each summer, homeschooled, worked full time running the business I started when I was 23, and hadn’t turned the TV on for my children in years. I was a mom trying to do it all then inventing insane new things to do. It wasn’t hard to figure out where to start, because I was allowing myself zero freedoms, zero leniency, still on the path of believing that life would get easy if only (if only) I could maintain a high enough level of discipline. If I was dedicated and searched out the highest level of difficulty my life would begin to lay out before me like a yellow brick road. Spoiler: life doesn’t work that way. Another spoiler: in case you haven’t already guessed, I was not very fun to be around. As I dropped responsibilities and restrictions one by one I started to find my real self, the one who’s worth is not determined by store bought vs homemade bread, or the hours of screen time in my house, or how many hours I can work without a break. And guess what my kids like even more than their PlayStation? Their mom. And I like her, too.

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