Would you like a regular reminder from the outside that you and your partner should center your marriage?

Would you like to be in a community with others who are looking at their marriages with a growth mindset?

Would you like some prompts on how to keep things spicy in the bedroom?

would you love the opportunity to ask experts their opinion on your marriage struggles?

Would you love a cooperation whisperer (that’s me) in yours and your spouse’s ear, to remind you to stay committed to new habits in the heat of the moment?

Would you like community, variety, accountability, and levity all delivered to your door?

Introducing the Keeping it Hot Subscription box.

Get in winners. We’re creating epic marriages.


Get the quarterly deluxe gift box for couples who want to connect

  • each box contains over $450 of surprise products, including:

    • bedroom toys and electronics
    • books for expansion inside and outside the bedroom
    • luxe bedroom accessories
    • access to the private Keeping it Hot Facebook group
    • group live calls with Ashleigh
    • book club discussions
    • guest experts
    • inspiration, homework, and activities to get the most out of your Keeping it Hot items
    • and more!

Invite in a surprise collection of beautiful, high quality items, all  handpicked by Ashleigh to help you expand your capacity for joy inside and outside the bedroom.

Boxes do not automatically renew.

$250 USD, free shipping to the US and Canada, $25 flat rate international shipping




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