Do you wish you had a handbook on how to work cooperatively with your child’s coach and teachers while still being a strong advocate for her development?  Check out these links for parenting support and ideas on how to foster relationships that give your daughter every possible opportunity to succeed.

Helping Your Daughter Build Confidence

Should We Just Quit Sports?

Scared and Ready

On Comparison

Letting Others Help Your Child

What Really Happens When You Complain About Your Child’s Coach

The Real Value of Competitive Sport

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Self-Care for Moms

Self-Care for the Kiddos

How Our Daughters Can Change the World

How Our Daughters Can Promote Gender Equality

Teach Your Daughter to Not Take Feedback Personally

Parenting Support

How to Minimize Resentment in Marriage

You Are a Badass Book Recommendation

Playing Big Book Recommendation

Love Warrior Book Recommendation

Outrageous Openness Book Recommendation

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