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The Quick and the Dirty

So you’re in a bad marriage. You have a few options, either get a divorce or try to work through it. This week’s guest on the podcast, Ashleigh Renard decided to write a book about it called “ Swing: A Memoir of Doing it All”. She covers everything from their decisions to try swinging to spice things up, to finding their path to understanding. She talks about how she ended up making the choices that she did about her marriage, and the work it took to get there.

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

Ashleigh Renard was a happily married working mom of three when she and her husband visited a swingers sex club. She became the author of her own book “Swing.” She answers all the tough and uncomfortable, and juicy questions. Then, RHOBH addresses Amelia Grey and Scott Disick, and Erika Jayne is as cold as the cryotherapy Sutton stuck her in. Ex- RHOC Vicki’s fiance is running for California Governor, and her son is not happy about it.

The Woo Woo Experience

Perfectionism with Ashleigh

Ashleigh and I have a heart to heart about how she learned how to love on herself, tried to be a swinger (failed miserably), almost getting a divorce to falling back in love with her husband and being the happiest she’s ever been. We discuss the process of writing her book, how intuitive she is and embracing her witchy side. You won’t want to miss this one as she pulls you in with her thoughtful and warm demeanor.

For Week 34 of The 52 Love Podcast, Tonya and guest Ashleigh Renard the delights of afternoon sex.


Ashleigh Renard

The Jessica Haizman Podcast

Ditch Perfection: Improve Your Marriage and Life with Ashleigh Renard

Ashleigh Renard was raised in figure skating and took the quest for perfectionism into marriage and motherhood. Through her candid presence on social media she has invited her audience to walk alongside her as she transformed from Martyrmom to Selfish Mom (and realized that it certainly was her self-sacrifice that was keeping her family miserable).

Young Honest Mother

Liberating the Martyrmom

This week on Young Honest Mother: The Podcast, we’re revisiting an honest conversation that was originally recorded and published in 2019.
I met Ashleigh in the comments section of one of @elizabeth_gilbert_writer’s Instagram posts about universal human compassion. She shared about how her family started thriving again after “doing a 180 from martyrmom to selfish mom.”
During this time when the responsibilities of parents have multiplied in response to the pandemic, I think it’s critical to slow down and re-evaluate how we’re choosing to take on the tasks of marriage, motherhood and modern home economics. And this already-published episode serves as such a poignant reminder.
In Ep. 064, Ashleigh shares how she:
Eased up on upholding the highest level of difficulty
Gave herself permission to have emotional needs
Uncovered ways to love herself better by releasing judgment
Shifted her family dynamic in a magical way
And so. much. more. Press play to listen to this raw and honest conversation, and listen to the journey that Ashleigh has now chronicled in her upcoming memoir.

Body by Bulb/Bulb Chats

#50 Ashleigh Renard

Ashleigh had a picture perfect life but she felt like something was missing. While running one of the largest ice skating clubs in the country, she struggled to find balance and happiness. She went on to write a book detailing all of this and how to “Rehab A Shabby Marriage”. This episode may be everything you need to hear, so stick around!

From Martyr to Magic

EP.14 Swing author Ashleigh Renard on motherhood, sex clubs, writing a book and so much more.

I sit down with author Ashleigh Renard who wrote Swing, which is coming out May 25th. This book is a bit of EVERYTHING. Starts off with sex club scenes as she tries to spice up her marriage and leads you through a journey of motherhood, home schooling, career changes, frustrations, perfectionism, a failed swinging experience and finding yourself somewhere in the middle.

It is funny, exhilarating, thoughtful, honest and makes you feel hopeful about what is to come.

We chat about perfectionism, marriage, how she wrote her book, the reactions of her family, learning to market yourself and even tap into the “momfluencer” debate and all about Rachel Hollis.


Perfectionism Doesn’t Deserve Praise, with Ashleigh Renard, author of Swing

Do you ever feel like you deserve a medal for “doing it all”? Well, you don’t. But I’ll let today’s guest explain why. On today’s episode, we are meeting Ashleigh Renard, retired competitive figure skating coach and author of Swing: A Memoir of Doing It All. Tune in to hear how she rehabbed a shabby marriage and wrote a book about it.
In our conversation, you’ll hear Ashleigh unravel the story a lot of us have adopted that perfectionism deserves praise. As Ashleigh puts it, “perfectionism is the only addiction we envy”. This is especially true for women, even truer for mothers, and even truer, still, for mothers consuming content online. We believe we need to “do it all”. We lower the bar for others while raising it for ourselves. If its easy, we are failing. And then, when we inevitably feel burnt out and unhappy, we feel immense shame for not being grateful for our lovely looking lives. This only leaves us feeling more isolated and lonely as we keep trying to make everything appear perfect.
Well, eventually the perfect bubble bursts. Problems we avoid always come to surface. Anger and resentment shoot out sideways. And something’s gotta give! In listening to Ashleigh’s story, you’ll figure out what that something is.

+ Doing it all doesn’t equate to having it all
+ Unpacking the “martyrmom” complex
+ Perfectionism is cause for intervention, not praise
+ Learning to give ourselves the love we deserve
+ Doing things we judge/envy others for
+ Dismantling the cultural conditioning around gender

Love Starts Here with Melissa Snow

Perfectionism, Sex Clubs and Self-Love with Ashleigh Renard, Author of “Swing”

In her new book “Swing” Ashleigh Renard tells the story of how she rehabbed shabby marriage. But her book is about SO much more than that.
In this episode, Ashleigh joins me to talk about her experience with overcoming perfectionism, people pleasing and constantly worrying about what other people think.
She also shares her insight on action vs. mindset, lovability and how shifting your relationship with yourself can shift everything else in your life.

Be. Podcast

Curiosity with Jon and Mike




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