Podcast with Maris Young of Young Honest Mother

This conversation was close to my heart. My struggle with figuring out is motherhood this hard for everyone? Is marriage this hard for everyone? Or is it just me??

Young Honest Mother Podcast, Episode 008

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Here is a summary of our discussion, if you are short on time and want to click to a certain topic.

3:00 – my only Synchro joke

4:24 – that time Elizabeth Gilbert asked me to tell her a story

5:30 – the most important thing I can do for my kids

9:00 – 6.0, why, for some of us, perfection is a real thing

12:30 – when I first started to wonder in parenting, “Why is this so hard for me??”

16:00 – my “diaper-free baby” phase

20:00 – marriage volcano ready to erupt

25:00 – starting to share my personal stories in my writing

33:30 – experiment of doing the thing I most judged other people for doing

38:30 – why having goals was way safer for me than admitting I had needs

40:23 – “You need someone who loves you better” that time I didn’t get divorced

45:00 – my new view of responsibility

50:00 – that time I almost started a “winter camp” because homeschooling sucked

59:25 – dropping my roles and facades, sandcastles

1:02:50 – on teaching kids to be their real selves

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