Potty Training Tips

A plea for help from a desperate mama. Here are my tips:

1. Keep the babe in a bare bum all day (tips on keeping legs warm in my video, plus, I love @babylegs_ )
2. Put a small potty on the floor in their play area (we used @babybjorn)
3. Recognize the intrinsic reward of going on the potty. They won’t have to pause their playing to get changed. They won’t be wet and cold. Parents – this is for YOU to realize. The kiddo will figure this out quickly. Don’t give big praise or show disappointment. An accident on the floor is no big deal. A successful pee in the potty – also, no big deal.
4. This is easiest with hardwood floors, but the same spray you use for pet accidents can be used when your toddler marks their territory (my fave is @skoutshonor). Need advice? Ask me via DM or by replying to my stories.

VIDEO: How to Potty Train During Quarantine

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