After Dark Webinars


Can good intimacy be taught?

After speaking with thousands of couples, I’ve collected the information everyone needs to know (whether you act on it or not).

You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s especially true in the bedroom! I brought together intimacy experts to create a library of the basic information you need to be healthy and pleasurable. Whether you use the videos to prepare to answer your kids’ questions or to expand your own bedroom knowledge, the 12-part After Dark webinar series has given thousands of singles and couples the extra confidence they always wanted.

Each of the 12-part After Dark video series covers the following for a different intimate act, from mainstream to slightly kinky:

  • anatomy
  • safety
  • hygiene
  • technique
  • communication
  • prompts for building the tension with your partner
  • exercises for more pleasurable and controlled climaxes

Click below to get the entire library of topics (12 video lessons, each 60 minutes in length), originally $300, for only $49.

Topics Include:

  • Oral and Manual For Him
  • Oral and Manual For Her
  • Solo Pleasure For Her
  • Tandem Self-Pleasure
  • Intro to 💦  for Couples
  • Control Your 💦  Masterclass for Men
  • Secrets of Female Pleasure
  • Intro to 🍑 Play for Couples
  • Intro to Dirty Talk
  • Intro to Kink Part 1: Sensation
  • Intro to Kink Part 2: Restraint
  • Intro to Kink Part 3: Impact

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