Full Moon Ritual


Full Moon Ritual

From setting sacred space, to calling the directions, to meditating on your highest timeline. I walk you through my personal practice for observing the full and new moons. Complete with casting directions for a full moon burn, join me and unlock your magic.

We are all meant to grow and evolve and marking my path with full and new rituals has been a grounding experience for the past 12 years.

In this 60-minute class we will:

  • Ritual How-to: I’ll walk you through the what, why, and how’s of my regular ritual ceremonies.
  • Guided Meditation: Through a vivid guided imagination, I’ll prompt you to envision a higher timeline and greater possibilities than you have considered before.
  • Casting Instruction: From writing your wishes, to clearing limiting beliefs, to adding special magical elements from your kitchen, I take you from beginning to end.

Zoom webinar, previously recorded