Natal Chart Reading


In a recorded screen share video, Ashleigh will explain the basics of your natal chart to assess communication, connection, emotional tendencies, and conflict style. You’ll learn the following placements in your chart, and be given insight into the supportive and challenging ways these placements play out in our personalities, thought patterns, and dynamics with others.

  • Venus: the way we naturally give and receive love, the way we attract people, opportunities, and money
  • Mercury: our natural communication style, sensory superpowers, and limitations in listening and being understood
  • Mars: the way we fight, take back power, advocate for ourselves and those we love, our conflict style
  • Moon: the way we feel and process emotions, feel empathy, are easily hurt, and want the be nurtured
  • North Node: the area of our life where we are insatiable, driven, and active, but where we may always feel satisfaction is just out of reach
  • Mid-Heaven: life’s purpose, what are you here for?

Delivered via video in 48 hours. Unlimited replays.

Natal Chart will be read in whole signs. Birth time helpful but not required.

In order notes, enter name, birth date, birth city, and birth time (if known).