Tarot for Intuition


Tarot for Intuition

Learn to read with just eight cards and strengthen your intuition today!

Delve deeper into your inner world and unlock the secrets of your true self.

In the class, you’ll learn:

How to check your intuition, starting with only eight cards, using a tarot deck or regular playing cards.

The Basics: Using just eight basic cards from the tarot, or the equivalent eight cards from a deck of playing cards, you’ll learn how to read an interpret a spread immediately, building your confidence and personal tarot style.

Intuitive Reading Techniques: Develop your intuition as you learn how to interpret tarot spreads and tap into the wisdom of the cards to gain insights for decisions, big and small.

Practical Applications: Discover how I use tarot cards for personal growth, decision-making, and problem-solving, giving me an extra tool in navigating life’s challenges.

Are you ready to let the cards turn up the volume on your intuition?

Replay available immediately!