Timeline Jumping


What is Timeline Jumping?

Timeline jumping or quantum timeline jumping is based on the idea that different versions of our life are playing out in multiple realities at once. The theory says our current reality is simply one of infinite possibilities and if we would like to change the circumstances of our life—good news. There’s already a version of our life in that’s a match and already in progress. To shift or “jump” into a new timeline, we must sync up with the frequency of our next desired reality.

Since being introduced to the concept a few years ago, I started imagining my goals as existing in an adjacent reality, and asked myself how I would sync up, if jumping timelines was a true possibility. The results have been incredible. And I’ve replicated them with my clients. And I’d love to teach it all to you.

In this 60-minute class we will:

Figure out what you want

Self-honesty is the first key in this process. Many of us work toward an abbreviated version of our dream life for these self-protective reasons: 1. We think we don’t have what it takes (talent, time, resources, connections). 2. We are afraid of the possible downsides associated with getting what we want. So, we feel afraid we can’t get what we want while simultaneously feeling afraid we will get what we want. Yup, being human is a triiiiip. Through my guided imagination process, I’ll take you deep into the heart of your desires to see the realest, truest, dreamiest goals you are destined to live. No more soggy hotdog bun version of your dream life. Epic storylines, only.

Uncover and alchemize fear and limiting beliefs, getting your nervous system back on your side.

This is a big promise, but this is where I have the most experience, over 25,000 hours of coaching humans toward clarity and high performance under pressure. In this class, I’ll teach you practices to permanently shift the way you deal with negative emotions. Imagine sizing up a hard feeling like a long-awaited challenger, eager to process it using your new approach. And imagine after just trying the technique once or twice, that fear didn’t have the same grip on you anymore? Don’t worry, a new fear will come and you can practice the exercise again, because yay, human experience! But, being equipped with tools that can take your body from panic to peace, change your behavior, and create new neural pathways so when hard feelings come up in the future, we are less triggered. When we are calmer, our hearts and minds are clearer to feel guidance and make decisions. What I’ve found hundreds of times with myself and clients is that fear and worry are usually just attempts to distract from a quiet, wise truth that wants our attention.

Swap out imposter syndrome for magnetic confidence.

This is where timeline jumping earns the crown over other visualization and manifestation techniques. The dream life you want, guess who already has it? You, babe. And you love it. And it loves you. And you have support and love all around you. I’ll share my favorite exercises for tuning into the station that is 100% pure, confident you. The you who communicates easily, connects with incredible people, creates opportunities, and who knows things always turn out right when you trust your gut.

Break free from the jealousy and expectations of others on a new and permanent level.

We spend much of our energy trying to be good enough for those we are trying to please, but not too good for those who may feel threatened by us. Plot twist, what if you aren’t supposed to make any of them happy. What if your destiny and legacy depend on you forging your own way? You may feel it already, that people close to you may not support or understand your next steps. From the Brat Archetype to the Super Villain story, I’ll teach you reframing exercises to help you investigate the edges of your own comfort zone. Through guided imagination prompts, you’ll work through scenarios to desensitize you to the anticipated reactions of others, allowing more freedom in your thoughts. Best of all, you’ll learn to decipher the sound of your own integrity vs the sound of other people’s opinions.

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