Keeping it Hot Couples Retreat Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

April 18 – 21, 2023

Join us for an exclusive hotel takeover Keeping it Hot Couples Retreat!

Three nights accommodation, all meals, meditation, workshops for connection, choose-your-spice-level After Dark sessions, gourmet meals, private transportation to and from the airport, the company of an amazing community, and relaxation!
$5995 USD (airfare to and from Tulum not included)

Reserve your spot now for $1998 down, $1998 due in six weeks, and the balance six weeks after that.

FAST ACTION BONUS – grab your spot before Friday, December 9 at midnight and get the first Keeping it Hot Subscription box of 2023 for free ($450 value)

What can you expect at a Keeping it Hot Couples Retreat with me?

The couples who just came to Banff, Alberta, sure didn’t know, but here is what they found out.
First: lots of laughs, laughing (even at myself, especially at myself) is my favorite.
Second: really, really nice people, I mean do you seriously, have you noticed how kindhearted and openminded people are in my community? Imagine being on VACATION with people that cool.
Third: honestly, not a lot of talk about sex, the sessions will be about connection and communication (with yourself or with your partner) and there will be choose-your-own-spice-level After Dark sessions that are completely private, zoom-in-the-room style. Choose the sessions you’d like to do live, but you’ll get all the recordings afterward to enjoy at home at your own pace.
Fourth: Their marriage changed the moment they booked the trip. It wasn’t that every disagreement evaporated, but a huge swell of goodwill entered their hearts and their home.

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