Self-Care for World Change


I think self-care is the missing link in our struggle for gender equality.
If you want the world to be a fairer place for women start by taking impeccable care of yourself.
Many women do not treat each other well and here’s the key, because very few of us even treat OURSELVES well. So many of us work tirelessly, like martyrs, like slaves to our own families and lives. We give very little value to ourselves and are therefore unable to honestly value other women.
Women restrict their food, their enjoyment, and basic self-care. Of course most are unable to lovingly and authentically support other women.
Until women value themselves we will not be close to gender equality.
We cannot demand others treat us well while we deny our own basic needs.
Teaching girls self-awareness and self-care is my focus for empowering the next generation.
I am hopeful the next generation of young women will love themselves and each other so fiercely that the world will have no choice but to get on board.
Massive love,


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