The Life Changing Magic of Peeing when you Need to Pee

Selfishness is underrated. There, I said it.

I am a better person in the world when I put myself first. I see so many women trying to do good work in their lives by being a martyr, putting everyone and everything before themselves. And I used to do that, too, in a big way. I wore it like a freakin badge of honor. Here I am, overworked, tired mama. Look at me. Can you see that my life is so busy?? Can you see that I am working so hard??

A couple years ago I was introduced to the concept of Mindful Self-Care by my now dear friend, Sheila Pai of A Living Family. My self-care was at an all-time low and it made everything in my life more difficult. I was struggling to find patience for my children, passion for my work, and meaningful connection with my husband.

I used to think self-care meant going for a pedicure or a spa day. Nope. Thankfully, it’s much easier than that. As Sheila teaches, self-care can be as simple as one mindful breath. As you wait in line for your coffee or wait for your toddler to attempt putting on his shoe (for the 10th time), take one deep breath and feel the nourishment it gives your body.

When assigned to pick one action to make a habit in my daily life I chose to do this: Whenever I need to pee I stop whatever I am doing and I go pee.

I stop mid-conversation with a friend; I turn off the stove; I walk away from my children; I excuse myself from work for two minutes.


This may seem ridiculous or this may seem brilliant to you, depending on how many hours a day you currently spend ignoring your body’s simple needs and instead put in one more load of laundry, check one more page of homework, take one more phone call, the list goes on and on and on…right???

How many times a day do we routinely put the needs of others or the demands of daily life before our basic and very simple needs?

I want my body to give me clues as to how it is feeling and what I am needing. If I am coming down with an illness I want to notice my body’s first signals. I want to learn to hear and trust my intuition. None of this is going to happen if I cannot first meet my most basic needs.

So, my friends, please choose something today to honor yourself. Try implementing The Life Changing Magic of Peeing when you Need to Pee or something else simple and doable. Please, do it for yourself. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Massive love,

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