Three rules that keep our house tidy (almost) all the time. Ashleigh Renard

Three human boy children, a messy dog, and a cat who often brings us gifts🥴 …and our house is almost always tidy.
A few rules:
1. Everything has a place.
2. We show we care about our things by putting them in their place. If the boys leave their stuff out I remind, I remind again, then I take it. I have a special holding area where I keep it for a while to see if they notice. Mostly, they don’t. And then I donate it. They rarely leave special stuff out because they want to make sure it’s safe and untouched by their brothers or friends who come to play.
3. “Dumping grounds” (you know the closets or storage rooms that act like purgatory-type spaces where things sit so they are out of sight) don’t make our house cleaner. They actually perpetuate clutter. Keeping our house clear of dumping grounds is the hardest thing to maintain. They sneak up on us. Usually because we have tried to tidy another area quickly or (often) because we don’t want to make a decision about keeping or tossing an item. So, a bunch of maybe-we-want-this-maybe-we-don’t things congregate together until the sad, pleading energy they emit is too much for me to bear, even through a closed door. Check out my feed for more tips on getting kids to clean and a time lapse of cleaning out a sad, sad closet.

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