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If you want your marriage to feel more connected, more passionate, and more supportive, you have to start somewhere.

Ashleigh Renard says, we might as well start in the bedroom.

Whether you crave more passion in your physical intimacy, or you crave the energy to actually care about your sex life, millions of couples agree that Ashleigh hits just the right note.

Straightforward, witty, and radically compassionate, Ashleigh Renard has been called “the Carrie Bradshaw for married people” (Caroline Hobby) and her story of rehabbing a shabby marriage, Swing, is touted as “a whole new genre—the hot self-help book” (Dr. Deborah Williams, Professor of Creative Writing at NYU).

In Keeping it Hot, Ashleigh shares what she’s gathered in over 20 thousand hours of study, about cooperation, epic teamwork, and passionate partnership. She shares the my most frequently asked questions from real couples, tricks for mixing it up in the bedroom and getting out of the same old same old routine, and strategies for for improving your self awareness so you can become an Olympic level communicator.

With ample information and courage, you’ll be equipped to create new dynamics in your own relationship, to go to new depths of understanding and cooperation and passion, in and outside the bedroom.

Need more inspiration to take brave action in your relationship? We’ve got you covered.

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