White Women Hold Vigil for Friend’s Loss of Perceived Intelligence-elementor

Posted on July 12, 2020 by Ashleigh

On Friday evening friends and family of Becky Charles held a candlelit vigil in her honor outside her favorite barre studio.

“It’s been a really hard month for Becky,” said friend and event organizer Amy Chalmers.

Amy assured us at the time of interview that Becky is alive, but really off her game.

Family first reported a change in Becky’s demeanor after #BlackOutTuesday. She started following Black women on Instagram when a friend pointed out that posting a black square was not enough. Her husband, Chad, confirmed that since then she has spent day and night deleting old posts and scrolling on her phone, repeating, often through muffled sobs, “I don’t know anything.”

When she missed her Zoom Wednesday noon happy hour her friends knew the situation was serious.

“We had to mobilize the community,” explained friend Karen Miller. “We set up a meal delivery sign-up. Chad is just so overwhelmed. The boys’ parkour gym is opening back up and Chad has his hands full training the new Bernedoodle.”

Mental health professionals all over the country are reporting similar trends. The Coalition for the Continuation of Caucasity has released a new poll that reveals startling data. White women’s self-reported assumed intelligence, which for generations has held steady at 84% of women reporting that they are…(continued at Medium)

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