Work With Me

30 Day Package -$4600 Zoom Strategy Call - $275

The 30 Day Coaching package begins with a full manuscript* read and includes:

Brand Strategy

Put your feet up-content buckets, feed aesthetic, and content creation-it’s all covered. Includes recommended filters, presets, brand colors, custom GIFs, and posting schedule.

Comparative Accounts

What makes your audience tick? Three comparative accounts will be identified. You’ll be given daily and weekly tasks for engaging, identifying the needs that are being unmet, and determining where those gaps intersect with your unique genius.

Story Coaching

Would you like the algorithm gods to rule in your favor? The secret is posting consistently to your stories. Instagram stories can provide better engagement than an email newsletter, encourage your audience to share with you privately via direct message, and help your posts show up first in their feeds. Includes story how-to’s, prompts, templates, daily monitoring, weekly guidance, and cross-posting strategy to FB.


Maximize your reach and get your posts on the feeds of your target readers with #TenPerfectHashtags, researched and chosen based on your content buckets and ideal audience, adjusted as needed based on performance over the coaching period.


Videos do not care if you are popular. A great video will get tremendous reach and several great videos in a row are the golden ticket to growing your following. Informative and entertaining videos, 15-60 seconds in length, will be scripted, coached, edited, and captioned for you. I’ll tell you what to say and do, coach you on how to shoot them, ensure each video is awesome before posting. By the end-dare I say it-you’ll love being on video. Includes cross-posting strategy to FB, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Quote Cards

Everyone is looking for the next quote that will change their life. It’s no surprise quotes are the most frequently shared content on social media. Your wittiest and most intelligent word groupings will be pulled from your manuscript or reviews, custom designed to complement brand, delivered with image description and animation, includes cross-posting strategy to FB, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Post Performance Monitoring

Weekly feedback and strategy adjustment based on post performance (reach and engagement), audience growth, and astrological transits (kidding, unless you prefer me to not be kidding)

*You may submit a published book, ARC, WIP, essays or articles (published or unpublished)- 80k words total if submitting a collection of unlinked pieces.

Reserve your start date and lock in current prices at the link above. After payment send your materials to and I will be in touch within 24 hours.