Worries to the Moon

Ashleigh Renard quotes full moon ritual kids worries to the moon

New moons are for wishes.
Full moons are for goodbyes.

The full moon loves best to take worries we no longer want to hold in our heads or our hearts.

Whisper your worry into your hands and toss it up to the moon, saying, “Goodbye little worry.” The moon will pull the worry right up to the sky. Because you are very fun to be with, the worry may try to sneak out of the sky and back into your heart.

If it does, release it again. Tell it you don’t need it anymore and that it is free to go back to the sky where the moon will spin it into a new baby star. (When I do this with little ones I don’t ask them to tell me their worry. Some volunteer it, but some do not want to say it out loud. That’s fine. Let them make this process their own.)

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